Sony AF8 video camera charger

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I have a Sony 8AF 8mm video camera that works great with the AC/DC adapter. The camera runs fine - but when I put in a battery, the camera does not work. I just recently purchased a np-22 battery online and this does not work either. So, I try to charge the batteries with the BCA-80 (8.5V)

battery charger adapter ( it has two slots for normal charge - one for the AC/DC adapter and one for the battery - but when opened, it has 3 slots for charging batteries.)
So, I use the two slots and put in the AC/DC adapter - the thing buzzes - when then I put in a battery, it stops buzzing but the charger light goes out (the charger light is only supposed to go out when it has finished charging). So I am at a loss to find out what is wrong. The charger or the camera. I am thinking it is the charger - but trying to find one is next to impossible and when I do, it is worth more than the camera. Is there a way of fixing this problem? Thanks