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Hi, I signed up for two reasons, meet some people in the electronics hobby... and because im overflowing with parts ive salvaged and electronic parts i dont want, and was wanting to trade these for other parts other people dont want that i may want, but i cant use flea market without 100 posts... which makes that difficult for me. im not the most social person in the world, but i would like to meet a few nice buddys on here to chit chat about circuits with. especially if they are wanting to build synthesizers and amps. thats my main interest.... anyway, my two suggestions was maybe make the minimum posts for flea market a bit liess, say 20 posts or something. And other suggestion. is please make a audio section on the forum for all audio circuit discussion (amps, pre-amps, synthesizers, guitar circuits, effects pedals, etc etc etc)

Thank you please consider my suggestions.


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My suggestion is to be active in the forums. We set the 100 limit to prevent spamming, which is a major problem on this site. Comes with being popular.

The off topic area and other similar areas are not the primary focus of this site, electronics is. We have had problems with other people in the past.

Have fun! If you are into electronics it is not hard here.


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Bottom line: This isn't a flea market site. It's an electronics site geared toward education. You have to earn your stripes here. If you don't have questions, help somebody that does. If you want to chew on electronics ideas, you're in the right place.


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You 'll discover that 100 posts is a matter of days, if you browse the site for a couple of hours a day.

About audio stuff, this may be a legitimate proposal, but surprisingly, you are the first to ask for it. It seems that the current categories work fine.


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On an other forum the electronics is divided into the sections Audio, Digital , light effects and RF circuits.
Over here we already have a section for the RF circuits and several sections for the digital stuff.



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We could split things up into lots of little forums and there are certainly merits that would argue for doing exactly that. But as it is many of the forums will go days or even over a week with no new posts, so it's hard to really justify splitting it up further.

In fact, I'd just as soon get rid of the top level splits and have all the forums, or at least all the technical forums, be at the top. My reasoning is that if you push down one level into, say, the Electronics forums group, you get exactly the same information that you got at the top level. So what purpose is served? But It's not a big enough of an annoyance to really push for a change.

If they are split up then it makes it hard to check what's new because you can't just see a list of the new threads or threads with new posts. And, before you say it, I'm not at all convinced that the "Today's Posts" or the "New Posts" work the way they are supposed to; at least I've never found them very useful.

But what might be useful would be to have TAGs, like are available for E-Book corrections and such, with a list of perhaps a dozen general categories of topics that the OP could choose from when they create a new thread. This would be helpful because vBulletin's search capabilities are limited, at best. This would be particularly helpful in the Homework Help forum, particularly if there were a way to assign multiple tags with one being for topic and another being for course level.


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I don't remember exactly why I found it useless. I suspect it might have been because there always seemed to be a sea of Off-Topic stuff that I just didn't like wading through. I'd have to try it again and see if I can spot what I didn't like.


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I like the current grouping:
Offtopic consists mainly of internal debates, irrelevant to electronics, so it's important for me to have them in one place.
Feedback is mandatory and should have it's own place. I also keep a close eye in it.
Homework Help was a favourite category when I was replying to questions on a daily basis. It's about things I have fresh in my mind and can answer most of them. It's pretty distinct too.
General Electronics Chat, Projects Forum and Electronics Resources is more of a purpose distinction, that a content one. I think that works.
In that basis, yes, programming, uC, computing and RF separation seems out of place.


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And, before you say it, I'm not at all convinced that the "Today's Posts" or the "New Posts" work the way they are supposed to; at least I've never found them very useful.
Hola WBahn.

A surprise for me to hear that!

Few months ago I started using "New Posts". Found it useful because it covers all new messages in all subforums. I subscribe to those of interest.

The splitting, for me, serves just to know where to start a thread.

Search, I never do it by forums. I search through all of them as a block. Do it at once and save time (and the possibility of forgetting / skipping one in the way when searching a new subforum).
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