some rc plane vids as spoken of above

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    these are some of the planes we are involved with now and the stresses involved
    if u tirn the volume up on the last video u'll see the engine vibration i referred to in the earlier post
    ty john and this is what caused the interest in a better switch design
    This is one of my favorite threads on RCU, but unfortunately this time I'm posting my misfortune rather than watching others'.

    I have a build thread on RCU for my 60 size Goldberg Ultimate . I finished it & took it for the maiden today. The maiden went without incident & it flew perfectly. Unfortunately the second flight didn't go so well.
    I attempted a couple knife edges to see how the coupling was which was pretty uneventful. Plenty of altitude and not doing anything crazy.
    After a second KE attempt (if you can call it that) I began to turn & come back and all of a sudden my Ultimate instantly stopped responding to my inputs. I was banging the sticks like crazy & all I could do was watch it fly 3/4 throttle with nobody controlling it. Talk about a bad feeling. I was actually glad it did go down, because there were houses off in the distance behind where it went down.
    It was only about 100 or so yards away when I lost control & it was successfully range checked & flew considerably farther away on the earlier flight.
    After we retreived the wreckage the servo area was fairly in tact so we checked the battery & the voltage was good. I then turned the power switch back on & nothing happened. I then plugged the battery directly into the receiver & what servos were left came back to life. Subsequent troubleshooting showed that the wire between the switch & the receiver would cause the plane to lose power. So, my beautiful Ultimate was lost because of a $*@# switch that probably costs less than $1.
    I'm going to call Futaba on Monday to see what they say. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to give me a new switch.