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    1) We can create an oscillator using an odd no: of nand,not etc.....(since the frequency depends on the propagation delay, definitely we can achieve high clock frequency, so can we replace the crystal oscillator in our computer by this clock ?
    2) What is the exact definition of an amplifier ?
    3) What is metastability in flip-flopes ?
    4) is there something called the 'zero hold time' flip-flop ?
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    1. The purpose of the crystal in the oscillator circuit is for frequency stability. Substituting 3 - 5 inverter elements will oscillate, but things like temperature, power supply variation, other circuit operation, and just about any other variable will have some effect on the frequency. This is not a way to achieve stability.
    2. Google
    3. They can be in one of two states, or in a transition from one to the other.
    4. If I understand this as meaning that the set or reset state would not be latched, then what would be the purpose of that logic element?
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    Are you confusing this with zero order hold flip-flops?

    Zero-order hold and zero hold time are very different concepts.

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