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Before the remote control, (Our deepest gratitude to Mr. Adler) we had to actually get up
off the couch to change TV channels. Here you need only click to reach some of our
favorite sites.
Our links will take you to similar institutions, collections, resources and "friends".
And, the day may be near when a small voice asks,
"Gramps, whut's a chyannul?"
Please let us know if you have a site for our list.
The United States
The Broadcast Archive
Barry Mishkind, Lytle Hoover
They're not kidding - deep site - lots to see here
Chalk Hill Virtual Camera Museum
Great DuMont Telecruiser OB Van restoration in progress here
Pharis Video
Chuck Pharis
An amazing hardware collector in the LA area
Home of the original Indian Head Test Pattern
Early Television Museum
Steve McEvoy
Comprehensive receiver collection spanning TV's entire history
The museum features a working mechanical TV studio & receivers.
Tom Genova
Lots of info and depth here, very well organized
Early Editing Museum
Lots of early videotape & editing systems information
The Farnsworth Chronicles
A rich repository of all relating to Philo Farnsworth
RCAs Early Work 1930s
Steve Restelli
A historic photo collection of Zworykin's early TV activities
MZTV Museum
Moses Zaimer
Beautifully executed site rich with TV history
The United Kingdom
The Birth of TV project;jsessionid=12A14375E08202BADA4C2F3FE2935B32
BBC Tour
A 7 minute film tour in 1956 of the BBC London studios at Alexandra
BBC broadcasting House
Roger Beckwith
Well documented archives of the early Beeb's radio equipment
World's 1st TV Recordings
Don McLean
Brilliant restorations of Baird's early work
Thomas Bergtram SW-UK
Some interesting test card examples here
The VT Oldboys
Earliest BBC videotape information - well done
Museum of the Broadcast TV Camera
Well organized, nice camera examples
Brian Summers
Golden Age TV - Equipment Restorations
Many unique pieces here available for rental
Alan Pemberton
Detailed technical info on Standards, Test Cards and much more
MHP from Transdiffusion
Marvelous site for TV Ident Visuals, Graphics, Test Cards
European Betamax
Need information on European Betamax format?
The famous PALSITE
Lots of PAL and related tape formats information
Ampex/Nagra VPR-5 site
Gino Mancini
More than just tape systems - nicely done narrative
Mike Bennet
Lots of consumer TV images - Good smiles
Total Rewind
Consumer VCR formats galore - informative - nice sitemap page
Bruno Merlier
Bilingual French-English site
Lots of Quad & other VTR photos and info
Bruno Piffret
Many fine examples of radio (TSF) receivers
Vintage Radio - French/English/Russian/Esperanto
Very early radio information TSF - fun illustrations
The birth of television
Great reconstruction of 1928-1936 180 line mechanical TV studio
Honoring French Pioneers Rene Bartholemy et Gustave Ferrie
Vectracom - Last operational QUADs
Pro site for video program restoration services
Claude Vander Cammen
Bilingual French-English site
Old VTR formats - Program transfer & restoration services
The Netherlands
Matijn Belle
Some English info as well
Old VTR formats - Program transfer & restoration services
Frank Tytgatt
Rich assortment of all manner of consumer media devices
Marcel Grinsven's TV Museum
TV sets, TV sets, and did I mention - TV sets?
Also VCRs Cameras - Deep site - pack a lunch
Roland Remie's PHILIPS VTRs
As his sitename states - All things Philips from 1891 to 1991
Frank Mardersteig RUN Video
Broadcast tape systems and cameras
Professional Camera Museum
Many details and pictures of German TV history

Thanks to W7LK

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