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    Mar 18, 2010
    I'm writing a program. It uses impedance spectrometer to measure impedance. It displays these values as a graph. This list was received from third party and some of it confuses me. I would appreciate any help or comments.

    // Time,
    // Frequency_f, Temperature_Kelvin_T, Temperature_Celcius_t,
    // Inverse_absolute_temperature_1perT, Temperature_difference_dT,

    // Parallel_conductance_Gp, Series_conductance_Gs,
    // Parallel_resistance_Rp, Series_resistance_Rs,
    // Parallel_capacitance_Cp, Series_capacitance_Cs,
    // Parallel_inductance_Lp, Series_inductance_Ls,

    This block confuses me. If a sample is measured, isn't all these values (parallel vs serial) just the same regardless of what kind of model (Serilal or Parallel CR circuit) you think it is, or the measuring machine thinks it is?

    // Absolute_admittance_Y, Absolute_impedance_Z, Susceptance_B,
    // Reactance_X, Negative_reactance_minusX,

    // Admittance_phase_angle_phi, Impedance_angle_theta,

    This is also confusing me. First must be phase angle, but why does it read admittance? Doesn't the angle define if its actually admittance or impedance?

    And the second, just angle? Like the angle of impedance when it is in polar form?

    // Conductance_times_Temperature_GT,
    // Voltage_U, Current_I,
    // Thermoelectric_power_Q);
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    Mar 18, 2010
    Does anyone know a software or a web applet to plot various immittance values of Capacitor + Resistor series and/or parallel circuit?