Solving simultaneous equations for mesh analysis

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Can anybody advise whether there is an online or down-loadable calculator for mesh analysis solving complex notation such as a + jb using determinants and calculating for two or three unknown variables? Thanks in advance.

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Also, Octave is a free command-line version of MATLAB which will probably do it. Does anyone know if a TI-89 will do it? I've never tried rref() with matrices containing complex numbers.


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You can do it with python and scipy which are freely downloadable tools:

Rich (BB code):
from scipy import *
from scipy import linalg

A = mat("[1 3 5; 2+1j 5 1; 2 3 8]")
b = mat("[10;8;3]")
print A.I*b   # .I means to take the inverse
print linalg.solve(A, b)
(note the complex number in the second row of the matrix) which produces

Rich (BB code):
 [ 5.39660057+0.6572238j ]
 [ 0.40509915-0.98583569j]]
 [ 5.39660057+0.6572238j ]
 [ 0.40509915-0.98583569j]]
The example shows both matrix inversion and a linear equation solver (the solver is preferable because it is numerically more stable).


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You'll definitely might want to look at Qalculate, it's a calculator for Linux, i use it on Ubuntu all the time, I managed to overwrite the ABC.. constants that have been programmed into it and I used them as XYZ variables so I can solve any equation that uses ABCD..etc variables.
It solves for values, it factorizes, it simplifies, it's amazing.
I use it only for simple Algebra, but you can definitely solve the complicated stuff in there.


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