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I need to design a ckt for the following matlab code....The code tries to numerically solve the equation

y'' + 3xy' + 3y = 0

Here, u is assumed to represent dy/dx or y'. dx is approximated as x1 - x. Similarly, dy = y1 - y and du = u1 - u. The value 'a' provides the number of times the numerical loop is executed. u1, x1 and y1 represent the new values of u, x and y. Thus, x1 = x + dx, y1 = udx + y, u1 = u - 3xudx - 3ydx. The ckt executes by loading the initial values of x, y, u, dx, and a.


clear all;
close all;
x=input('enter x');
y=input('enter y');
u=input('enter u');
dx=input('enter dx');
a=input('enter numerical iterations');
while x < a,

y = y + u*dx;
x = x + dx;



Specifications to be me :t
1> The maximum size of inputs should be integers of size 32 bits
2> use of clock signal should be avoided if possible

Help required:
1>when i design the circuit, i am unable to sequence the events to occur one after the other. Kindly advice.
2>Too many registers and flip-flops are used... I need to optimize them.. If anybody could post the general logic diagram even that would be fine.

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y'' + 3xy' + 3y = 0

I recognize the equation's form as nonlinear differential equation. When I was in school, we solved it using an analog computer. It would iterate numerical values and zero in on a convergence point. I have no idea how to do it digitally if it is possible.


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You solve it digitally by writing expressions for the derivatives and folowing the computations to develop the solution, Collecting the data for a phase plane plot is a good way to do it. With pencil and paper the method of isoclines may be of interest to you.