Solid State Relay - Relay Test Set Project

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    Mar 21, 2009
    Hi All

    I am looking into a project to Test the Pick Up and drop off voltage of Standard Electromagnetic relays.

    For testing AC relays I was planning on using triacs or solid state relays as 'bits' in a resistor network for control of analog voltage and then simlarly mosfets to control a resitor network for dc relays.

    General Idea was to read the rated contact voltage on the relay, set the variac or external dc supply to the rated coil voltage and have a microcontroller or usb IO board count and switch the resistor network. Then an interrupt etc stop the process when the relay switches (actual voltage would be measured by an external Multimeter because my meter is calibrated and certified). The set would then count down until the relay unlatches and then the set would again stop to allow the user to record the voltage for drop off.

    I think the dc side would be simple, however for the ac side I may have some problems. My main query is; would it be reasonable to expect a ssr or triac capable of switching any voltage between 6VAC RMS and 230VAC RMS? It seems most I have seen will easily swith from 90VAC up but below?

    Any ideas would be greatly welcomed.