Solid State Contactors

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Im a fresher who just joined as an Engineer in a Electronic Company.
I have been assigned to aproject called Solid State Contators.
I donot know where to start.
can any one guide me


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Originally posted by Papabravo@Jun 7 2006, 09:15 PM
The top hit on Google was the following.

Solid State Contactor Primer

This will introduce the terminology. I hope there is another engineer at your company that can be a mentorto you. If not, I think you are hip-deep in sheep-dip.
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It is generally the case that companys do provide some form of mentoring, even if this is through direct interaction with a team (i.e. no explicit tutoring like it is at University). One thing they will expect is that you are familir with the necessary teminology and concepts, therefore the links above will provide a suitable starting point.