solenoid control from pwm

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    hi i have some questions if you answer me i ll be happy.
    i have a solenoid im charging capacitor to 400 volt and im kicking it.i want to kick different force .example when i charge up to 400volt i want to use 250 volt for different kicking can i do that.but i dont want to use pot.i ll manage arduino from computer
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    It would be happy if you would stop kicking it.:eek:

    And we would be happy if you could write with proper language, wording and punctuation so we could all understand what you are trying to say.
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    Nov 23, 2012
    It will be easier if you control the charge to a given point and discharge completely, rather than trying to dicharge only a fraction of a full charge.

    You can use the ADC on your Arduino to measure charging of the capacitor (Add a resistor to control charging rate if you don't have one). Once your ADC reaches the desired voltage, you can stop the charge when your desired voltage is reached. You will need some type of voltage divider resistor pair to insure the voltage read by the ADC is 0-5 volt range based on your 0 to 400 volt charge.


    Ease up, Mr. Chips. If you don't immediately understand a poster's language, give someone else a chance to interprete before jumping down his throat. I think "kicking it" is a literal translation from Russian/Eastern Europe for "activate it", or "energize it" or "discharge it". It is actually a much better description of what a solenoid does than the phrases I used. And, since a solenoid is an inductor, the origin of our phrase, "inductive kick-back" may come from his language.
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