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Hi all.

I have been having some troubles soldering some type of cable, and i wanted to know what do you have to say about it.... anything you know about it.

This cable seems like a silver cable (at least have that color, i don't know if it is). The last time i saw this type of cable was in a UPS unit (this things used with the computer for power failure). The problem i have is to solder it. I leave the 40W solder a lot of time, and still is dificult to get it soldered.

Please, post whatever you know about it.


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Kind of hard to know just what the metal in question is. If your solder tends to ball up and roll off - and you're using good solder with a flux core - then the metal may be aluminum. Just about any steel or coated copper will take solder.

In the old days when I wanted to solder a wire to an aluminum chassis, I used a big soldering gun. I made a puddle of solder, and than scrubbed the tip to cur through the oxide layer. Worked ok, but tip life wasn't too good. If you need more heat than your 40 watt iron, try a heat gun for a boost. We sweated some 37 mm copper pipe using a big heat gun.

Watch out that you insulation doesn't melt too badly.