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    I know there are some good and reliable soldering stations out there like Hakko, Ersa, Weller and Pace...

    But they are unavailable where I live, and way out of my prince range (just amateur).

    I've ruled out the Zhonghi stations and clones like the ZD-931 and ZD-937 that I have available here mainly to some quality issues... I have those available where I live for around 70€ for ZD-931 with the Fixpoint/Velleman brand.

    So I'm looking into Aoyue soldering stations that look to be, quality wise, above, the ZD-93#.

    But I have a simple doubt:

    There is the Aoyue 9378 complete for 60€ with ceramic heating, and there is the induction based Aoyue Int3233 for around 80€ + 10€ for the tip (so a total 30€ above the 9378 model) totalling 90€. For the 9378 station a lot of tips, including Hakko, are available.

    My questions/doubts are:

    - Does the induction model have any advantages regarding the more standard ceramic heating model? I can't find any conclusive info regarding this. I thing heating and recovering would be faster...

    - In what kind of works, if any, an induction based station has advantage? I can't envision, from an amateur point of view any advantage to the induction version.

    Thanks for the help!:)
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