soldering rca cable without losing video/audio quality

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I have a rca cable from one side and I need to make it longer, so I bought an extension cord that looks like this: Cable.jpg
I want to cut one edge from the two rca cables and solider them together so i will have a longer cable.
unfortunately I didnt find a cable that looks like this: pic.jpg
the question is, will it effect the quality of the video and audio? is there a good soldering method that wont damage the quatily?


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Don't cut an end off your cables, you will end up with a mess.

Use a connector like in post#2, they are very cheap, certainly cheaper than everything you need to protect the soldered junction.

And that way you will always have two useful cables in the future, if you can ever afford a single one that is long enough.

Look up 'rca coupler' in suppliers in your area, or 'phono coupler', since another name for an rca connector is a phono connector.

You can even get short leads very cheaply with female rca connectors , like the one in your second link, on each end.
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Where are you that $2 or $3 at Radio Shack is outside your price range?

You can skin the insulation layers back and solder the center conductors, tip to tip, then insulate that and solder the shield, but video quality from a faked connection? I don't know. If you're concerned about quality, use the right connector.


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The outer layer n some RCa jacks are made of aluminum (not copper) and aluminum does not solder. I would buy the F-F adapter and use another set of cables.

These cables are very outdated and replaced by hdmi. Ask your friends and neighbors for spares. I have a big box of RCA cables. Many other people do too.


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Pretty hard on the op!

Truth is you can just solder them together. (cu.)
I've done it during testing and such.
No different than terminating to a pcb.

But as pointed out. Why?:rolleyes:

Op didn't go into details.


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You are surely welcome to try, I am just saying that success is not assured in case it is critical and you cannot afford a failure.


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Pretty hard on the op!

Truth is you can just solder them together. (cu.)
A lot of the very cheap cables now are very hard or impossible to solder, they use a tiny fine stranded core which is plastic coated, (almost impossible to strip to the copper), and they can use aluminium foil shield with no copper at all.


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OP, I have cut an SVID cable in half and solder spliced in a CAT5 cable. Yes, sounds hilarious, but it works even at like 20ft. Just solder and use electrical tape. You might get a little interference, I used it in my car and had a few lines in the image when the motor was running.. but it was $FREE.99 baby.