Soldering Case Idea or Help Please

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I have been using my Hakko 939 and I have tried to rebuild the case but it's not happening ... So I am not sure what to mount it in or what to do with it anymore ... I am looking for ideas or thoughts So please help here...
Oh the transformer is about 3" tall ...

Here it is

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how broke up is your case? It wouldn't be hard to replicate that case with fiberglass. I have been building custom fiberglass interiors for cars for a long long time now and its really easier than you would think. I could give advise to get you started. a gallon of fiberglass resin and a bag of fibercloth would cost around $20 USD. everything else you would need, you probably have laying around. Sandpaper, duct tape and thick cardboard is all you would need. And if your creative enough you could design a whole new case on paper and built that. I build dashboards, custom trim panels, woofer boxes, and door panels with paint quality with nothing more than what I listed. Sometimes with woofer boxes I use 1/4 inch mdf and ca glue but those enclosures see high pressure in them so its got to be a little stronger. And if I intend on painting it a little body filler is used to smooth it really good for paint.
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