Solder mask top/bottom for pad

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What should be recommended value of solder mask for pads.
Like if I have 100mil pitch throgh hole connector or 0805 capacitor for which I have to make solder mask.

It largely depend on manufacturing process but I want to know recommended values.


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In my experience, the minimum required by the manufacturers has worked very well. We've used 3 mil expansion on each side of the pads, or 6 mil larger diameter or width, etc. I believe it's just to ensure the PCB manufacturer doesn't get the soldermask on the pads based on their process margins.


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Agreed... it is based on the tolerance your PCB vendor can handle. Do ask his recommendations, since while he may be able to keep a .01 mil tolerance he can process 3 mil for 1/100th the price.

If it's your first board don't be surprised to see the mask disappear in places, such as between closely spaces IC pads.