Solder fume filter?

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I'm planning on building a fume extractor using a 120mm PC fan.

Still thinking about which filter to get.
I was told carbon filters are used for this.

What is the MERV rating needed for a solder fume filter?
Where do you get your filters?

Is this a good filter or at least good enough for hobby use? (MERV 6)
Item number: 3722T48


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On a more serious note, you may want to read this:

What surprised me about this paper was that the flux was more of a concern than the metals. Reading this paper has gotten me to thinking about my own soldering practices more seriously.

My personal experience is that small amounts of electronic soldering, such as for a hobby, are unlikely to be a problem. I have never worked with anyone that showed any of the symptoms mentioned in the paper. I did work with people that had fans to blow the solder fumes away from their faces. Now, I wonder if they really were more sensitive to the fumes than I was or if they were just more careful.

I know this doesn't directly answer your questions but I hope it does give you some insight.