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    Jul 29, 2010
    this is my first experience with sun and Solaris. I was given 3 sun sparc ultra enterprise 2 systems. one has a video card and all have sun proprietary 8 pin din keyboard/ mouse port. I found a sun to ps/2 converter online like $30. I think all I'd really need box for is installing Solaris then setup network then VNC into them over network.

    I saw a youtube video that mentioned something about network install. i looked into manuals I got with Solaris 8 I got with systems. they mentioned setting up a Linux system then installing off that.
    they didn't go into a lot of detail about how they did it though and Linux is still kind of new to me. I would guess need DHCP, FTP or TFTP but not sure.
    The sun manuals mention using web config and manual config.
    I would like to figure out some way to make like an unattended solaris install. that would set i.p, subnet mask, gateway, enable remote access to system. the i.p I could just do dhcp then make a reservation too, but not sure if remote, etc would need to be enabled also.

    I have open Solaris 10 X86 too, but not sure that would help. i doubt Solaris 10 would run on these systems I suspect 8 may be pushing it too. not sure you can mix the server and the push version like that with Solaris, or if open Solaris will even act as install server

    anybody have any ideas if this is possible? if it is any tips on what is needed and/or procedure appreciated.