solar battery charger for cell phone

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    Aug 11, 2008
    Hey there everyone!!!
    I'm new to electronics and iam making a solar powered battery charger for my cell phone. I have hacked about six solar garden lights and made a solar circuit to charge 2xAAA batteries 2.4v,they are 900mah (which i think will not produce enough power to charge my cell anyway??? Only experimenting at present!!!) iam charging directly to a energizer duo usb charger(so i have hacked a female usb connection to plug into off my solar panel) i plan to charge the batts by solar and iam making another rig to plug into and charge directly to the phone,as i can't charge directly out of the duo because of the non return diode!Questions i have are to do with battery charging- If i charge a 2000mah battery lets say 1.5v will i get more voltage/amps out of it when it's fully charged or does it stay the same but just gives longer power supply. Also with a non return diode- i have connected it at the end of the series connected solar panels on the + side out to the batt, it has come from the one of the solar lights i hacked(each individual light had one), will this be ok or do i need to size one specifically for the size of the panel and the batteries iam charging???
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!