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i got this code from a site, but i cant assemble it in keil
which assembler whould i use??
or is there some fault with the code itself??
the '*' are giving some problem

"djnz r1,*" for instance

TXD EQU P1.0 Transmit on this pin
RXD EQU P1.1 Receive on this pin
* The serial baud rate is determined by the processor crystal, and
* this constant which is calculated as: (((crystal/baud)/12) - 5) / 2
BITTIM EQU 45 (((11059200/9600)/12) - 5) / 2
* Transmit character in A via TXD line
putc CLR TXD Drop line for start bit
MOV R0,#BITTIM Wait full bit-time
DJNZ R0,* For START bit
MOV R1,#8 Send 8 bits
putc1 RRC A Move next bit into carry
MOV TXD,C Write next bit
MOV R0,#BITTIM Wait full bit-time
DJNZ R0,* For DATA bit
DJNZ R1,putc1 write 8 bits
SETB TXD Set line high
RRC A Restore ACC contents
MOV R0,#BITTIM Wait full bit-time
DJNZ R0,* For STOP bit
* Receive a character from the RXD line and return in A
getc JB RXD,* Wait for start bit
MOV R0,#BITTIM/2 Wait 1/2 bit-time
DJNZ R0,* To sample in middle
JB RXD,getc Insure valid
MOV R1,#8 Read 8 bits
getc1 MOV R0,#BITTIM Wait full bit-time
DJNZ R0,* For DATA bit
MOV C,RXD Read bit
RRC A Shift it into ACC
DJNZ R1,getc1 read 8 bits
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Hi baftab,
I designed a software UART during the 1980's when I worked for a medical device manufacturer. It worked in a similar fashion to the code that you show here, but mine was much more complex because we needed extra code for exception handling and noise rejection.

The "*" indicates that a comment follows. It tells the assembler to disregard anything it sees to the right of it. A comment is simply a note that the Programmer added so that he/she will remember what was done at a later time when the software needs to be debugged or altered. I do not understand why some of the lines in your code do not show a "*" ahead of the comments. Many assemblers us a ";" before a comment.

Most of my software career back then was developing software for devices that used the Intel 8085 microprocessor. I also did some Motorola uP programming, but very little of it.



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In some assemblers the * character refers to the program counter's current value. The following are equivalent:

Label: jnz Label
jnz *
jnz $

Although, as xray said, in some assemblers "*" is used as a comment indicator.