Softmodem for DSPIC or PIC24

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I'm working on a project that will need an old modem installed into it. It will naturally run off of a RJ11 jack. I'm planning on either using the PIC24F(For pricing reasons) Or possibly a DSPIC33. I've seen on the DSpic AN's that they have a softmodem library that seems like it will do everything I need. Basically I need it to call a phone number when triggered and play a recorded message. Then take a signal to acknowlege the message was received. My questions is, would this library and functionality work with a dspic series? Would it be possible to port the code over to a PIC24f? Other then resistors, caps and support components will I need any other IC's to make the modem work? and finally will I need an audio chip to have mic and playback features or can I do this in the PIC24 or DSPIC? Thanks for any help or explanation you guys can give me.


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If you know the communication protocol of the modem then you can use almost any PIC, use its ports and the right code to communicate with the modem according to the protocol. However, if you want to record voice and process it I recommend to go for the PIC24xxx or dsPIC series. To record the voice you will need a microphone and an amplifier. The PIC will sample the analog output of the amplifier and store it in digital form. You may be able to reproduce the sound with midi and then use then use the information the midi software will give and produce the sound with the PIC. I do not know how midi work but it is just an idea. Also, you may need an extra external memory chip (EEPROM) to store the voice.