So what is in an old CRT TV worht salvaging?

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My old CRT TV has finally given up the ghost. It seems to be in the HV section.

I doubt it is worth fixing especially since I have not cracked a set open in years and there would be a huge relearning curve to fix it. Not to mention sourcing the schematics and the parts.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is coming so I guess I can watch my smaller TV till then.

But before I kick it to the curb I was wondering in there was anything worth salvaging. I mainly mess with MCU projects so not sure what in there I can use.

One thing I thought of was the IR sensor and maybe the circuit for the remote.

As I said I have not opened a set in years. Do TVs have power transformers or do they use switching power supplies?

Any other ideas on what can be slavaged?
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They use smps. With the price of common electronic components very low nowadays it's really not worth to reuse parts of it. Eletrolytic caps you can forget, resistors are cheap to buy new, the IC's in recent models are highly specialized. Maybe a few semiconductors from the power supply and the IR receiver, as you said. Some models have some nice loudspeakers. Maybe the power cord and connectors, if you have use for it.