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    May 20, 2013
    my question again is about smt160.
    i wanna use 4 sensors with an atmega16.first i tied to connect their outputs to the input pins of a 4:1 MUX.and the output of the MUX to INT0 of the micro.
    but it didn't work properly.then i found out that the mux can't pass the wave generated by the sensors to the micro with their original shapes and that's why i got no correct result.
    then i decided to change the hardware.i connected all the sensor's output to the INT0 and their vcc to 4 different pins of micro to on & off them in sequence.again it didn't work.
    now i'm thinking about using different external interrupts.but the problem is that i've only 3 timers to measure the dutycycle.
    is there any software solution to this or i've to change my micro.
    and what avr micro has 4 timers.