SMT chip ID

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    Apr 13, 2012
    Laptop motherboard fried.

    One of the smts on the motherboard is marked as a "Q" on the silkscreen. Thought that was a transistor, but looks like a power resistor.

    Seems like a 3 leg sot323 (1x3 mm)

    Marked long side A44L with a dash above the second 4.
    across short side marked a 1 k
    no shading, so don't think is a zener or a shottky.
    lots of caps nearby, and a couple resistors, but dont see what chip it is connected to on the opposite side.

    Thing just cooked when i was using it. No display, no boot, but at least the batt power charging led finally lit.
    Has been only sign of life. Want to change it out, and see what else may be blown.

    Tried archive, and a couple german sites.

    Have good supplier hints?

    any ideas?