smps component equivilants ???

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    Jul 14, 2014
    I am working on a smps for a yamaha mixer/amplifier. Normally I sub out any problems with smps but as this is my own unit I am undertaking, with great caution, the repair myself - I prefer working on older items with real transformers etc-
    I have tracked the fault to the IGBT transistor 1MBK50D-600v. Using my normal channels I cannot source a direct equivalent part number, however after some digging about I have come across a part by Fairchild HGTG30N60A4 which 'appears' to be a slightly higher spec and believe it could be what I am looking for. There is a difference of £20 in my favour should this be so.
    Has anyone any other ideas or faced this problem ?
    I would rather pay £5 and be wrong about my diagnosis than £25.
    The initial fault was the start-up resistors would blow when switched on, but no fuses.
    Also are there any recommended publications regarding smps recommended? I would rather repair these myself than sub out (3-4 per month)

    Regards All + thanks in advance
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    Feb 11, 2008
    Generally with an SMPS transistor or FET if the substitute part is equivalent voltage/current/freq to the original (or higher) then it should be fine.

    That is assuming you found the original cause of the fault.