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Hi everyone
we design and produce touch WIFI smart switches. there are a touch sensor (BS814a), an ESP8266, micro stm32 , Buzzer and ... there are different issues we are encountered from time to time. one of them is ghost touch on an specific pole for example the 2nd pole of a 3-pole switch. and the other problem is as a result of some changes in our pcb tracks, suddenly our switch doesn't work properly with 3mm glass(overlay) on it, but it works with 2mm glass. it didn`t have any problem with glass thickness till last month. now I want to know how pcb and its track impact on capacitive sensitivity and how we can fix it? could you help me plz?


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The TS is asking for free engineering services in the product development part of a for-profit company. So any assistance will bring them a real financial benefit, since the last change that they made stopped one product from working.
Aside from that, a symptom is presented without enough context information to allow more than a random guess at a possible fix.
So a non-guess suggestion id to understand how the circuit functions and then understand what was changed and how that relates to the circuit operation.