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    A limited number system uses base 12. Suppose there are at most four integer digits.the weights of the digits are are 12^3,12^2,12 and 1 .special names are given to the weights as follows:12=1dozen,12^2=1gross and 12^3=1 great gross.

    a)how many beverage cans are in 6 great gross+8 gross+7 dozen+4?
    b) find the representation in base12 for 756910 beverage cans.

    Note:available digits are:0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B.

    a)6 Ũ123+8 Ũ122+7 Ũ12+4=11608
    b)7569 ũ12=630…..9
    630 ũ12=52……6
    52 ũ12=4……….4
    4 ũ 12=0…………4
    756910 = 446912

    what we mean by ũ and Ũ what is the diferent between them
    thank u
    did we mean by
    is ũ =×
    and Ũ= ÷
    or something else??
    thank u