Small Lighting Controller PCB


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What program are you using now to do your schematic & board layout?

If it's Cadsoft Eagle, ExpressSch/ExpressPCB or TinyCad, why don't you upload your board, schematic and any custom library parts you've made?

I can't tell which signal is what, but where the blue and red traces are on the bottom; both are touching the lower pads of the fuses.


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Ahhh - did you change relays/SSR's?

You sent panasonic.lbr, and in it is AHQ-2213A - I can't find a datasheet or other reference to it anywhere.

Is the relay really an 8-pin DIP package?

We really have to use the proper layout.


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Ahh, OK - yes, you did post that before; it was getting pretty late when I was looking at it.

See the attached; I've fixed it up a bit, the library as well.
I used resistors from rcl.lbr instead of those big concrete ones you'd used.
The values for the LED resistors seem rather strange - I don't know what your LED's typical Vf @ current will be, so you need to tell us that.

Here's the board:

Note that I had to re-do the part in Panasonic.lbr; it was more convenient to swap pins around, and you were trying to use pin 7 ... which doesn't exist on this IC!


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Wow thank you so much I really appreciate this! Yeah te resistors were one of the first things I found as I thought they'd e easiest to find and I was way wrong. I just decided to use the first thing I could find that looked right. I was actually gonna ask if there were footprints for smaller resistors. Anyway the 82 ohm value I got using on online calculator for LEDs. I got that by using a 5 volt source, 3.5 forward voltage and 20 mA forward current. Again thank you for all of the help input an work you've done, it really means a lot.



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You're using 12v for the control voltage, right? That's what you said before, anyway - did you change it to 5v?
Ahhh, I see where you changed it. I missed that part.

Go back into the board, and change the text "12VDC" near the top to "5VDC"
Change the name and the label in the schematic as well.

If you're using super-bright LEDs, I would decrease the LED current to ~10mA or so. They'll be really bright anyway, and they will last a whole lot longer. 150 Ohms will give you ~10.7mA, which should be plenty bright enough.

1/8 Watt resistors would be fine to use.
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