small handy-talkies..........

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    ..................are likely not worth the effort, tho present an adequate challenge to a novice.

    I "inherited" 27 of the Cobra H-T's as used in a local retailer for their associates to communicate inside the store.........they got a new system, and pitched the old -- lock, stock and charging stands :D

    with some, the squelch is shaky, some won't hold at all

    In the event I could get the factory poopsheet, are these things a worthwhile effort to learn how to tweak and tune ?

    Hate to return them to their former fate in the landfill..........
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    Apr 25, 2008
    Are they Xal controlled,one or two channel.Do they have that little
    fcc message printed on them.That should give you some range of
    out put.
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    May 25, 2011
    Are they still on the frequency the former owners used??? Hilarity ensues :)
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    These are actually fancy little handheld CB's.........."Cobra" nameplate, Mod. # frs235 -- each has 14 channels, and a "privacy" setting 1-38......rechargeable or 4XAA option for power.......must not have been too awful cheap...........

    They cover close to 1 mile in a cluttered line of sight in the city, have yet to put them through paces l.o.s in the country. So I figure =-= if they are that tight right out of the dumpster, they would be worth a little tweak to tune them better.

    otoh........if I can't get a poopsheet, I will likely leave well enough alone and only keep the best performers.

    Also 2 "uniden" gmrs380.......chyneeze mfg. 15 channel.......30 privacy.

    @TbayBoy: no they weren't, tho' I did run into one out-of-town HomeyDepot store that was on the same channel with some totally unheard-of-chyneeze brand so son & I had to change to be able to shop...............
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    FRS and GMRS radios are on low UHF bands. They are generally not legal to modify. The band information and rules are all on the FCC website. Radios from these bands are made by many manufacturers and the channel numbering is sometimes arbitrary and inconsistent from one to another. The so-called privacy codes are nothing but a continuous tone coded squelch system (CTCSS) that limits what you receive. It does NOT prevent others from monitoring your conversation nor does it prevent your transmission from being stepped on by a stronger transmitter. There are several published charts online that cross-reference channel numbering and CTCSS codes between different makers.

    FRS 235 Manual:

    GMRS380 Manual:
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