Slot Car power supply 12v 5-8amp adjustable

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I need help with a schematic for a power supply, 12v adjustable 5-8amp. Small footprint 4x4x4inches is this possible? Im a idiot when it comes to schematics but i can solder very good, so any schematic in begginers format or good explainations would be very helpful.
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Is the powersupply to be made from mains?
This is perhaps not cheap but small.
Take a look at the LT1083 regulator.
Here is a datasheet of this chip.




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You'd really be much better off using a switching PWM supply than a linear regulator.

You asked for something small, but one that measures 4"x4"x4" at 100w and powered by the mains is a pretty tall order for a beginner's project; it would be rather expensive to build as well.

You might start off by converting an ATX-form factor computer power supply to a bench supply. Google will give lots of "hits" on this type of project. If you don't have an older PC-compatible computer sitting around idle, it's a good bet that somone you know has one. This is a very inexpensive way to get started.

From there, you can use a 555 timer wired for low-speed PWM to drive a MOSFET gate (an IRFZ24, IRFZ34, or IRFZ44 would be a good candidate) to switch the ground side of the motor's circuit. You'd also need a "flywheel" diode across the motor's connections to prevent the reverse EMF from destroying the MOSFET when it was switched off.