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Sweet site, I came across it while looking up some specs on stardards for LCD signaling. My complements to the creator.

- Davis


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I agree, great information in a concise format. I like it and will recommend this site to a person trying to pass a pre-employment exam as an electronics tech. Especially the parts on lc circuits as there are many questions on this.

Thanks for the good work



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Hi, I just wanted to comment on the site. Very nice setup, and very detailed, understandable information. I was wondering how old this site is? I've noticed alot of the pages aren't finished yet, but for the most part, I have gotten a helpful look at the more discreet electronic properties that I've not found very good sources on as a hobbyist. I am starting an ECE minor and I hope that this site will be a great help as I continue on my education. Thanks for giving me a good site to add to my favorites :) .