sla battery charger circuits

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    May 18, 2013

    I have some 6v 12ah sla batteries. I want to build a charger for them. I have a book about some battery charger circuits but there is only one circuit for sla batteries and i wanted to know more about them. i have looked online and found some circuits that dont seem to make a lot of sense.
    is there a page or book that some one can recommend where i can learn what i have to know to build a 6v 12ah battery charger for sla.

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    May 11, 2009
    You are free to post the schematics in question here for discussion.
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    I use 6v SLA batteries a lot.

    I charge them from a regulated voltage 6.9v, which you can make with a LM317 3-pin IC and a few resistors and caps.

    The LM317 has internal current limiting at 1.8A, which will be fine for charging a 6v 12Ah battery. It will only draw 1.8A for a short time, maybe 10 minutes, then the current will decrease over time until fully charged.

    You can post in the "projects" section of the forum with a new thread asking how to make a 6v SLA battery charger. You may get more viewers and more responses there.
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