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This is a simple question but I don't know it.

I know skype allows you to have a free skype account to call anybody on skype. But I am wondering if I signup for a free skype account if non-skype people can contact me for free.

I know you have to pay if you want the ability to make calls out to mobile or landlines. But I don't know if people can contact you from non-skype ways without me paying?

For instance if I had a skype account could anybody that has comcast VOIP still contact me or will I have to pay?

As well if somebody has a SIP account on another provider would they beable to use their software phone to contact me for free and visa-versa.

Or does both parties have to be on skype for it to be free?


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I'm pretty sure that a Skype account is necessary. Have you read their terms and conditions? I'm sure you could receive an answer simply by reading that.
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You have to pay to call non-Skype people from Skype, and you need to pay to allow non-Skype people call you on Skype. You can set it up so that if people call you on Skype, it redirects to your real phone if you're unavailable, but you need to pay for that also. Basically anything interacting with the real phone network requires payment.