Single pushbutton circuit with 3 functions

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I would use a jk flip-flop or a discrete latch circuit, then place a logic NAND at the switch to start timing when the switch is closed, reset the latch when times up
I think this will do what you want (from what you described):
It seems weird that you want on/off and reset with just one output, but hey...
Thank you for this, i’ll have a go at this. This is just a part of the circuit that i couldnt get to work. The output of this is connect to a relay and more circuitry for my ABY pedal design..


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You should debounce the button, so a processor or logic is in order.

If you are not a coder block languages might be the ticket for you.

Here is mBlock, and project that debounces a button. You would just have to add
the code to handle the 3 outputs and the extended delay for the reset.

Easiest HW is a Arduino Nano board, or ATTINY85 (programming actual part is done
with another Arduino board).

This example debounces a button, you would add blocks to handle long vs short press,
and turn on/off outputs.


You drag and drop blocks that represent functionality from 2'ond window into 3'rd window, config,
then the tool generates from that the Arduino C code shown in right hand window. Kids are using
this to control learning robots, many videos on web showing project and how to do the programming.

Arduino Nano board looks like - 1584437948281.png

Or a ATTINY85 solution looks like -1584463204694.png

Regards, Dana.
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you need to detect the "button brake" on NO -or- "button make" on NC push button + use the the anti-strobe filter (of some kind)

with NO ► if your system gets "make" you start a short delay timer , then , if the "brake" is made before the "timeout" the ON/OFF is executed - otherwise the RESET is triggered . . . there is 1000 and more ways to implement such