Single power supply

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I'm not sure if this can be done.
If I'm supplying my circuit board with a positive 15 and negative 15 voltage.
Am I able to convert to a single supply of +15V and when this positive 15v goes through a small circuit and it be converted to -15v ?

Is it something to do with capacitor or diode required to do such operation ?

I wanted to do that to prevent a usage of 3 wires, positive 15 , negative 15 and ground.


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Yes it is possible. A switched capacitor converter such as the LTC1144 can provide a small amount of current, say under 50 mA. For anything more you would need a switching regulator.

Robin Mitchell

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I have done EXACTLY that, I designed the Micro-Power Supply. It will be released soon but it basically takes a single power supply (12V) and converts this to +5V and -5V.

Look up on google "555 negative voltage generator". Just remember it can only supply a small amount of current but is great for op-amp circuits!

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Basically im doing an audio amplifier circuit.
Initially it was a +15,0,-15 input. After adding an op amp at the grd pin of the IC to create virtual ground, i drop it to +10V,5V(virtual grd),0 . so that it provides me with negative voltage.

where should my linear switching capacitor come into place?
does it function as a voltage stabilizer ?

also how should i go about in creating a function generator using 555 timer? (providing frequency change and Vpp adjustment)


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If this is an audio application I would not have done what you are planning to do. Because it is always some noise issues then using voltage inverters. And also you have said nothing about your current needs. Why can you not use a split supply? Before you do any more. I think you should post your schematics and tell us more about what you are trying to do. It could be that your project is not very doable

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Hi ,

i attached the schematic diagram already.

what i wanted to improve on the circuit is using a single power supply , so meaning that i could use a 5V battery if possible to power up the circuit.
This also means that i might need to change some of the resisitor and capactior in the circuit design.

next, i wanted to input a 555timer as a function generator to attached with a variable resisitor to provide some signal input.

but im quite lost on how to implement all these.

for single power supply, i might need some regulator thing to provide the negative voltage to the op amp. but is too general that what are the additional components required?
or is there another way that i could do a virtual grd of 2.5V so that i will have a +2.5 and -2.5v?