single phase to 3 phase conversion for PM generator

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  1. BWild

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    Sep 26, 2012
    I'm wondering if I can convert a PM generator from single phase to 3 phase where the 14 pole stator doesn't allow for an even number of windings. Maybe two phase would be the way to go but I havn't found any appropriate regulator/rectifier for that.
    If the charging system on my motorcyle has "lumpy" (single phase rectified) DC output from the regulator, will that be absorbed by the 12V battery, isolating the digital capacitive discharge ignition from power fluctuation?

    Pardon our "paint"...
    It might go like this then?


    Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm almost through VOL I DC :)
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  2. shortbus

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    Sep 30, 2009
    As almost all AC alternators(not a generator) used in small engines are three phase, are you sure that all 14 poles are being used for the alternator? Maybe 12 poles are for the alternator and the other 2 are being used for the ignition? Will it kick start with a dead or no battery? If so this is the case.
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    Sep 26, 2012
    Just two leads involved for my Ducati. Certainly single phase. They later upgraded from 300W to 350W 3 phase (on 18 poles). Many Harley Davidsons have used single phase as well and Series type rec/regulators are available for both single and 3 phase alternators. Reading about shunt vs. series regulators led to thinking about the 3 phase upgrade. Probably not even necessary but still wondering about that variable DC current going to the same positive terminal of the battery that is the source for switched power to the ignition.
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