Single Phase Electric Motor Windings

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    Dec 22, 2010
    please kindly help me!

    Resistance of Single Phase Motor Windings​

    Run to Common (R-C) : 4.6
    Start to Common (S-C) : 39.4
    Run to Start (R-S) : 44.0

    By referring to above , what are the effet if resistance for " run to common", "start to common" and "run to start" exceed or below the value mentioned above?

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  2. marshallf3

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    Jul 26, 2010
    Answer: You can't tell by DC resistance alone.
  3. GetDeviceInfo

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    Jun 7, 2009
    I'd say if they exceeded infinitely, that would be an open winding. On the other hand, if it was zero, absolutely, then that would indicate a shorted winding.

    Unless you could 'growl' the windings or view an obvious short, it is what it is.
  4. awright

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    Jul 5, 2006
    How did you measure the winding resistance? Your typical DVM or VOM is not capable of precise resistance measurements at these low values. Lead/clip lead resistance can add a finite and variable resistance to low value measurements.

    Unless you have an open or a shorted winding, you generally can't tell much from DVM resistance measurements.

    Care to tell us more about what you are trying to accomplish?