single phase charging system powers ignition

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If the charging system on my motorcyle has "lumpy" (single phase rectified) DC output from the regulator, will that be absorbed by the 12V battery, isolating the digital capacitive discharge ignition from power fluctuation? With the voltage regulator output connected to the pos. terminal of the battery, and the same pos. terminal supplying power (switched) to the ignition, is the variable DCV making it to the ignition or does the battery absorb the fluctuation?

I'm considering a total loss system for the ignition if need be. I'd like most to modify the single phase system to have 3 phase output through a Series type reg/rec charging a Lithium battery that is used for both starting and ignition (and fuel pump but that's it).


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A good battery has a very low impedance (acting like a very large capacitor) and will abosorb the "lumps" from you single-phase rectifier.

A lithium battery large enough to start the engine will likely be very expensive and require a speciality charging circuit.