Single frequency transmitter

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I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a transmitter design. I want to transmit at least 1 km away on a set frequency. The signal transmitted is simply to be used as a "ping" or beacon type signal that lets the person receiving see that something is transmitting, like a distress signal. I've been trying to use ~5Vdc as a power supply for the transmitter/transmitting circuit.


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Instead of building your own, check out products from Linx.
I apologise that my first post may be misunderstood, but to me the spirit of amateur radio is maintained by building one's own equipment rather than adopting an easy 'black box' solution.

I'm old (70) and my interest in amateur radio began many years ago (um, try 55 years ago) and my greatest pleasure was always obtained from having built my own equipment from the ground up - pun intended. Since 'black boxes' became cheap and many amateurs began to use them I have noticed a gradual but steady and definite fall in users on the various amateur bands: it seems to me that without the challenge of building your own rig and then the pure satisfaction of 'getting out there' under your own steam the spirit of the hobby has been much degraded. Compare the amount of traffic on any band now with what it was 20 to 30 years ago ... not only less but at times virtually non-existent and those who are 'on air' are mostly using commercial equipment.

The quick and easy way to nirvana never really satisfies: a good general axiom is if it comes too easily it also leaves very quickly.

All IMHO and experience of course.

Best to all, Mike.


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I agree with Seebert about building your own. However, it is almost impossible to find the appropriate parts at a reasonable price. Check out the various kits from places like Ramsey and CanaKit. You may just find something that flips your bits.