single ended amplifier circuit

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Design a single ended amplifier circuit (single input, single output) with all the bias circuits using ltspice
to meet the following specification:
1) minimum DC gain is 4000
2) Total current withdrawn from power supply is 250mA
3) Vdd= 3.3 volts
4) Load capacitance is 250fF
5) maximum total on chip resistance (if needed) is 100Kohm
6) BW is to be maximized (ie not restriction on bandwidth)
7) no restriction on number of transistors used.

does anyone has a circuit i can use or show me how to do this ??


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Must be a very small input signal if DC Gain is 4k since you effectively have a 2 volt working window for input due to the supply.

Here is what I have a question about:
Total current withdrawn from power supply is 250mA

250mA draw with what, if any, input signal? What are the input/output impedance requirements.