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    Nov 16, 2009
    I'm hoping sombody can help me with my little problem, I've got a project where I need to be able to dimm 3leds x 3watts per each ceiling light, total 9 watts, 700mA, 12v and 4 ceiling lights per light switch. I've got the power supply in the comms room, and thats where the dimming unit will go as well, I also can remove/replace the constant current driver off each light.
    What is the best way to dimm these lights? I don't want to go the cheap way, just the best way (these lights are not cheap to buy), it will be connected to a home automation system so it is possible to use a 0-10v or a 240vac leading or trailing edge dimmer. Also where can I get these dimmer units/power supply's from, would prefer to buy in Australia. lights that will be used are CREE.
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    Jul 17, 2007
    Hi Saspa,

    Take a look at BuckPucks.

    Here's a page to use for reference:

    They use up to 32v DC and some up to 24v AC. Several of them have a control input for use as dimming. The control input needs to be in a range of 0v (for maximum output) to around 5v (for no current output).

    If you don't need independent control of the lights, you could use a single BuckPuck unit, and wire your three LEDs in series. If you need independent control of them, you would need individual BuckPucks.

    With the features you need, you will either have to solder wires to a BuckPuck or use it in a circuit board. The BuckPuck with wiring harnesses pre-attached don't have the dimming feature.