Sine, Square Wave Generator (Variable Frequency)

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The Goal :

To design a function generator -
Sine, Square

Constant output amplitude -
For sine wave : 10Vpp (Symmetric about origin)
For square wave : 5Vp to 0V swing

Variable Frequency (say 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k)

Short-listed ideas :
1. Wein Bridge Oscillator to generate sine wave and then diode + hex inverter to obtain square
2. XR 2206 (but output voltage is 2Vpp. Further amplification is needed). Also, MAX038 and ICL 8038 is out of production :/
3. Timer IC circuit (this I am not aware of how to proceed)
4. Mux capacitor/resistors to vary frequency

Questions :
1. Are there any other function generator ICs I can use?
2. I hear that Timer IC 555 can be used. Can anyone link me to a VERIFIED circuit diagram?
3. Also, in case of an Oscillator circuit, I believe Wein Bridge is best. Any alternatives?

Thanks. Kindly reply asap


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This PDF will give you some ideas on designing sinewave oscillators:

The 7414 or 40106 can be used to convert the sine to squarewave.
Do take care about the maximum input amplitude for the schmitt-triggers.



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The XR2206 is still being made; roughly $5.50 USD at various vendors.
You can use an operational amplifier to increase the output voltage swing from 2v pp to 10v pp.


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You could "cheat" and use an app for that, software for generating the signal. I have a nice, free function generator on my iPod. Then just build a small audio amp to boost line level up to the voltages you need. I know that's probably not what you're looking for, but your post didn't rule out cheating.


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You may find this PDF document helpful:
TI's "Opamps for Everyone" design reference.
Have a look at section 15 which deals with sine wave generators.
Generating a square wave from the sine wave could be as easy as using a comparator, and triggering on the zero crossing point.