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    May 13, 2013
    Hello guys ,

    I've been using this site for help understanding how some circuits work for quite a while now .

    You can click on any of the circuits and the applet will show you a real time simulation of it and you can edit it and hover over components to see values etc and plot real time graphs . It's pretty cool .
    The applet is also downloadable .

    Recently I've started learning Digital electronics and learning/building circuits at the SSI gate level . Instead of using my breadboard I decided to try it on this applet and it works great and really easy to create/edit whatever you want and see the circuit in action in real time .

    Now i've tried some other simulators like LTSpice and Microcap and they are great (granted I have only skimmed the surface) but they only run a simulation and then show you results . There is no real-time prototyping with them (or is there and i've missed it ? :/ )

    My question is firstly :
    What kind of language does such an applet use to model the circuits ? I mean obviously it's written in java but how does it model components etc?
    Is it accurate/reliable? Or at least: Is it as accurate as SPICE engines?
    I apologize if this question sounds stupid but I'm not very familiar with
    circuit modeling and simulators .

    I've tried emailing the guy who made the site and the applet (been 4 days now) but he is not answering ,maybe he doesnt check that email anymore.

    Anyhow ,
    what do you guys think of using such an App to model circuits in substitution of using a breadboard ?
    I'm talking about non - high frequency stuff ,things I can do on a breadboard

    Any advice/info/discussion is welcome :)

    Also ...
    If you go to the main page :

    There are alot of other very intersting things and simulators and what not .
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    Oct 18, 2012
    The models will generally be an object (programming object) that had X inputs, using a mathematical relationship for the values of each terminal (current, voltage, power, etc.), the circuit is simulated against the independent variable (time, frequency, etc.).

    I recently found an open-source simulator for digital logic, that I found to be quite useful, called, LogiSim. I wrote a blog about it if you want to know more.

    To more directly answer your questions, it is probably not as accurate due to secondary effects in devices that may not be modeled properly, or at all, where SPICE programs have been around for a while, making me think people would create much more accurate models...

    I doubt you'd get a response. I'm sure every EE student in India has asked for the source code...
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  3. Shagas

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    May 13, 2013


    Well thanks for the answer ,
    I'm going to check out that Logisim since currently i'm taking a break from analog and started fiddling around with digital , so thanks again :)