simulation of boost converter using 555 timer with sic schottky diode

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    May 19, 2011

    I am doing project with "simulation of boost converter using 555 timer with silicon carbide schottky diode(SiC)" in order to show the efficiency difference between si and sic diodes. I am using the below circuit diagram for calculating efficiency with Si diode. and I am facing the problem with when replace the Si diode with SiC, i am getting the same results e.g (Vout=120V, Vin=5v) :confused: and I am using Orcad P-spice. can any body please help me how to increase the efficiency with SiC with the same circuit, how it effects (increases) the 555 timer frequency and what are the changes should i do in the circuit?. please help me in my project.

    thanks in advance..................