Simulation of an installation

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    Oct 5, 2012
    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to identify a ground problem in my installation.
    I am working on a very low noise system and a ground problem is disturbing my data.
    I have to simulate the installation by replacing the wires with inductances, etc...
    Here is a plan of my installation. My power supplies can be replaced by transformers, redressors...and ... ?
    Can you explain me what else could I change?
    Just to explain, after many different experiments, it appeared that I had to put a wire on between the ground of the power supply for the AOPs and the ground of the acquisition board to avoid a big perturbation. When I connect the two grounds of both power supplys together, I obtain a big perturbation during the data acquisition at the beginnig. There is like a "jump" of current when the acquistion board is working. it consumes between 0.32A and 0.42A, oscillating all the time. Does this big perturbation could come from this variation of current?