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Hi, I need help simplifying this logic circuit.

It works perfectly in that form, I am just wondering if it can be simplified any further and still retain that truth table. I am only allowed to use AND, OR, and NOT. The best circuit would be the one with the least amount of gates. Thanks!



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The way I worked it was to name the two inputs A and B, and the two outputs Q1 and Q2.
I then went from Q1 towards A, recording the logic as I went. I got
Q1 = ! ( !A + (A*B))
Q2 = ! ( (A*B) + !B), which I swapped to get ! ( !B + (A*B))

I then figured out the truth tables, first solving for !Qx then inverting the answer.

BTW, if you OR the outputs, you should have an XOR function.