Simplify Boolean Algebra

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    You Will want to clarify what you are asking in the future. (Also proof read your posts before you make them; it took me a few minutes to figure out some of the = signs were suppose to be + signs)

    First I factor (a+b'+c') into a and b'c.
    From the first term we know if a is high then the expression will be high because we have a OR stuff.
    We also know that if b'c is high then b'c*b' will also be high and because it is OR'ed with stuff the expression will be high

    First I factor (a'+b') into a' and b.
    From the 4 terms I have we can factor an a' out to get a'(1+b'+b+0). Because of that 1 we know if a is low then the function will be high because we are OR'ing a' with stuff

    This is straight up demorgan's.'s_laws