simple wiring - but can't figure it out!

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I'm stumped, but shouldn't be as this SHOULD be simple!
I'm making a label dispenser, and want it to operate in this manner:
Operator presses foot switch, and a motor turns on and pulls on the label backing, dispensing the label, which rides against a micro switch.
After a few seconds, the label is fully dispensed and there's nothing left to ride on the micro switch, so the thing shuts off.
Hit the foot switch again, and another single label is dispensed.

Any idea on what switches I need! type, model #'s, etc.


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Why don't you post some photos of your label dispenser in operation?

What is the voltage & current or power rating of the dispenser?
Whats a label like 4 thousandths of an inch thick? You have a microswitch that can tell the difference of 0.004"? Use a pic and a stepmotor to move the length of the label... like a printer. Or you could use a light sensor if your backing material is translucent and your labels are opaque and you use a bright light.


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the paper sensing switch is a micro switch mounted such that the edge of the paper trips it. Paper is quite stiff when it's only sticking out 1/4", and will easily trip a switch. The thickness of the poper doesn't matter.


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Something like this. You didn't say if the motor was AC or DC, but this will work with either...with the correct relay. The STOP microswitch is closed when a label is under it. The START is the foot switch that is pressed and held until the new label moves under the microswitch. If the foot switch is held down the dispenser does not stop.


OOPS! Just realized I duplicated woolybyte's circuit. :rolleyes: