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Hello I have just purchased the st-16b 10 MHZ scope from Sinometer.

I am inputing 2 volts dc at 1volt/div and I see the line on the scope at 2 major squares above the x axis. This is okay, however, if I switch to 2 volts/div, the line now goes to two little segments above the x-axis which indicates 0.4 volts which is wrong. It is supposed to be at 1 major square above the x-axis, right?

Its like I have to re-ajust the horizontal base line every time I change the voltage/div deflection scale. Is this normal in every scope or is it that I am missing something?

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No, that's not the way it should work. If you've established the position of the trace at 0 volts, then the deflection should be from that point. If your vertical sensitivity switch is miswired, it might produce such results. What happens with other settings?


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If you bought it new or even used there should be a warranty policy unless you bought it "as is". If it's under warranty, list everything you find wrong & contact either the mfgr. or seller's customer service.