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    Hi, here is a open-source C project for a Morse code trainer using a PIC 12F675 and 2x16 text LCD.

    It's all fully tested and working, the Morse code is adjustable from 5 WPM to 35 WPM over 31 steps. The Morse timing meets Paris standard for all period timings and for the official WPM. Output freq is 750 Hz.

    The trainer runs in the background while the user reads the internet etc, it plays a random word 4 times and displays it on the LCD so consciously and/or subconsciously the user is trained to recognise the "flavour" of the Morse characters in real time. Sometimes it plays a random letter or number too.


    Yes I know Morse is no longer required in most Amatuer Radio licensing but I wrote this code as I have wanted to do a PIC Morse player for a while now anyway. :)

    The code is in simple functions including a compact Morse character table and can easily be adapted to any C code PIC or AVR application that needs to generate standard Morse.

    The full project and source code etc can be found here;
    Shift1-LCD Morse code trainer